I’ve always maintained that the hardest part about getting into a fitness routine is the first step. It’s showing up to that first class, gym session, jog or what ever it is you choose to get yourself moving. Movement is medicine and starting the day with exercise sets a pretty solid tone for the rest of your day.

After you conquer your first hurdle the rest will snowball into place. So here are my top tips for staying motivated!

1 – Show up! To the first gym session and then to every other one. Sleep in your gym clothing if you have to be up early to train before work. Get a gym partner to hold you accountable to showing up every time. Eventually your gym sessions will become an easy routine.

2 – Set goals! Start with simple goals that are realistic and attainable. Then progress to intermediate and long terms goals. So for example if you decide to take up jogging start with a 10 minute jog three times a week. Once you are doing that easily move on to 30 min three times a week and as a long term goal aim to enter a 5km run.

3 – Enjoy your training! Find a form of exercise that you love. If you do not enjoy running or the gym then maybe you would really love a belly dancing class or trail running/hiking could be an interest of yours.

4 – Take time to acknowledge how far you have come and spend time visualising how much you will achieve if you stick to your fitness program. If you can see it, you CAN achieve it. Do not underestimate the power of visualisation.

5 – Fitness is a lifestyle and is something that you are constantly working on, adding to and getting better at! You will set yourself up for failure if you have unrealistic expectations. Focus on becoming fit and feeling good rather than a number on a scale. Slow and steady yields long term results.

6 – Reward yourself! I follow an 80/20 split where 80% of the time I eat really clean and train really hard and the other 20% I relax and reward myself with anything I have been craving.

Love your body and make it strong, nourish don’t punish!

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